How I Sweat

How I Sweat

A while back, probably over a year actually, lululemon asked me to film something for their #antistink campaign. Basically how some of their ambassadors, athletes, and guests (particularly men) were sweating those days.

My approach to exercise includes physical exertion as well as emotional. It would be very difficult to do the same thing every day and still feel like I was growing. Over the last few years my go-tos have been martial arts, yoga, dance, and circuit training. I feel good about the balance of the mix.

I asked Kerry Constantino if she would film for me and she said yes. She had never filmed on a dSLR before but she had a good eye so I was confident.

I like how the video turned out, especially after I edited it in B & W.

Let me know what you think and possibly even your favorites ways to sweat.

Kirk Hensler: How I Sweat from kale & cigarettes on Vimeo.

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