Fitness Photoshoot with SexyFit in Downtown San Diego

Fitness Photoshoot with Zlata Sushchik of Sexyfit.

Zlata runs a really successful online fitness training company (Sexyfit) and needed some shots for her new website and social media channels.

Zlata was a competitive fitness model, racking up 21 competition titles, before she realized that health and wellness needed to take on a different meaning. Now she has created a coaching and support community online where women can learn exercise routines, meal plans, and be held accountable to reach their goals, all while taking time to appreciate their body and their journey.

We shot in 3 locations:

1) Fit Athletic – East Village, San Diego

2) Downtown San Diego Loft

3) San Diego Embarcadero

Total shots – 1786.

Edited down to 94 after 2 hours of scrolling through and deleting.

Below are my favorite 20 or so.

Model: Zlata Sushchik of Sexyfit | Photographer: Kirk Hensler of Kale & Cigarettes

DSC_4772DSC_5767 DSC_5949DSC_6515 DSC_5984 DSC_6028DSC_6604 DSC_6085 DSC_4784  DSC_5174 DSC_6289 DSC_6305 DSC_6441 DSC_6454 DSC_6545DSC_4897 DSC_6772  DSC_4891 DSC_5035DSC_6252 DSC_6189DSC_5164 DSC_6197    DSC_4871 DSC_5046 DSC_5099

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