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Kale & Cigarettes is slightly intense, definitely not politically correct, and totally bipolar.

This is the place for renaissance people to go and be entertained between juicing, yoga, and flipping cars in the street.

I split my time equally between owning a yoga studio, writing fiction and non-fiction, being a photographer/videographer, and consulting entrepreneurs and creatives on their businesses. This blog is a reflection of all of that.

Here is my standard ‘bio’ so you can get a better sense of who I am.

Kirk Hensler was raised in metro Detroit on a steady diet of meat, potatoes and team sports. As a competitive athlete, he relied on his power and dominant attitude to excel. Years later, when he took up martial arts, he was tossed around a sweaty dojo for months by various women and children. This led to an exploration of ancient Eastern philosophies, which, in turn, led Kirk to Taiwan, where he taught English, studied martial arts and ate a lot of delicious and strange street food.

Kirk is the creator of Organizing Inspiration – A course for entrepreneurs and creatives to identify their brand, create a work process, and implement an intuitive working schedule.

Today he owns a photography and videography studio (Hale Productions) with his wife in South Park, San Diego. He sold his downtown yoga/kickboxing/green smoothie studio – Hale Holistic – and is the Co-Founder of the Hale Foundation – yoga/martial arts/creative arts for at-risk kids. He is also the Director of Media for Seeds Training – the world’s #1 provider of youth training services. He travels with them around the world working with kids and creating videos on the effects of social, emotional, and leadership training.

Check out his blog, Kale & Cigarettes to keep dibs on his journey to becoming a hip-hop dancer, connect with him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and sign up for his bloody updates & contradictory life advice here.

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