Active Lifestyle Boho Yoga Shoot with Buddhi Yoga Studio

Active Lifestyle Boho Yoga Shoot with Buddhi Yoga Studio

Photographs taken by Kirk Hensler | Models featured from Buddhi Yoga Studio in La Jolla, California

5am wake up call to get to the pier in Pacific Beach, San Diego to make sure we caught the first light. I’m not much of a fan of alarms but I wish I woke up that early more often. Quiet. The city is like a movie set. The highway old and abandoned. And the PB pier completely our own. Which means the ocean was ours as well.

One by one they showed up with their outfits and props. We were going for yoga-ish, or as Carolina called it, “loose yoga.” And fashion-ish – which meant boho summer shots living the life in California. And active-ish – some casual stretches and activities outside of yoga, because let’s be honest, who only does yoga anymore?

There was only one gentleman, Jonathan Old-Rowe. I had seen pictures and heard of him but never met him in person. I heard he was an interesting guy, I figured that meant bizarre. He was a gem.


And Amanda, who is by far the funniest person I’ve ever worked with…and still knows how to channel her inner Kate Moss. I’m not going to share the ‘heroine-chic’ pic that we caught mostly by accident, but I look at it every day.


Goldie. Goldie was magic. It’s not easy to feel comfortable in front of the camera, let alone look like maybe you belong there full-time. Every direction out of my mouth was received mid-sentence and carried out 10 times better than I was imagining.


Carolina and I did a photoshoot together years ago “Yoga Superhero” that was a big hit. When she looks at the camera, you pay attention.


I didn’t get to spend much time with Linda because she had to leave pretty much right away but she was really sweet. She told me it felt more natural if I took her pictures while we had a nice conversation. So we did. And then we looked at the ocean.


“Alright, do you want me to do a back flip?” – Marissa

“Um, yes.”


Some of my favorites below. Same day turnaround.

DSC_8646DSC_6601DSC_8200DSC_8334DSC_8222 DSC_8591 DSC_8542 DSC_8394 DSC_7763DSC_8047 DSC_8245   DSC_8188 DSC_8151 DSC_8050 DSC_8031DSC_6767DSC_8490 DSC_7987 DSC_7977 DSC_7966 DSC_7796  DSC_6844 DSC_6818 DSC_6811 DSC_6779  DSC_6692DSC_8120DSC_6448 DSC_6610     DSC_7931


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