Urban Fitness Photoshoot with Amy Clover


Finally a time has come where fitness professionals don’t have to look like generic robots in their fitness photoshoots. Thank to urban backdrops, California sun, and some cool editing, Amy Clover of Strong Inside Out looks like someone I’d sure as hell want to train with. She has a cool saying, “You’re stronger than your struggle.” I like it because we are all struggling but not all fitness professionals have the tools to go there emotionally with their clients. I learned that Amy isn’t afraid to get into the real struggle of being a human, which can be as simple as wanting to get out of bed in the morning and as intense as barbell squats.

I shoot dancers and yogis more often than fitness professionals but I loved this shoot and stayed up until 2am editing the pictures. Amy was awesome in understanding that it takes quite a few run throughs to catch moving shots that will not only be inspiring, but artistic. 1500 down to 111, then I was going to bed. “One more pass through,” I thought. Then it was down to 21, and for sure it was time to sleep. But, “Maybe I’ll just put edits on a few,” and there was no resting until it was finished. A good sign indeed. Except I missed my boxing class this morning, which is ironic if you think about it.

Enjoy the pictures and please email kaleandcigarettes@gmail.com to book a shoot with me.

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Photography: (c) Kirk Hensler | Model: Amy Clover

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For tips on how to become a professional photographer on a budget check out my article HERE.

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