Stop Pretending

Stop Pretending

I’ve been in Malaysia for the past few weeks working with Seeds Training – the world’s #1 provider of youth training programs, and they have been blowing my mind. The work they do with kids isn’t the rah rah crap that gets sold by the millions across the globe, but an actual truth seeking, scientifically based, series of programs that inspires kids to be great leaders and gives them tools to be successful students. Some of the projects we have been doing with 16 year olds are more advanced than anything I did in 4 years of a division 1 college education.

I worked with a group of Level 4 students and in 3 days they moved me so much I don’t think I can ever look at someone’s learning potential the same way again.

This clip is from an activity, “Stop Pretending” – created by the Executive Director Greg Evans and speaks to anyone, any age, any culture.

What would happen if we all just stopped pretending?

Seeds Training – Stop Pretending Short from kale & cigarettes on Vimeo.

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  1. this is fantastic. working way deeper than the “rah rah crap” and getting to the core of transformative and purpose driven learning and leadership programs. . . hell yes to that. thanks for sharing.

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