simple video ideas for your business

simple video ideas for your business

Videos are excellent because they give people a deeper look into things.

Give people a reason to be interested in your business.

The more information you provide your potential customers with, the more inclined they will be to support your business.

This is Sarah Clark, she is a teacher at my studio Hale Holistic

And Rachel LaBarre, another amazing person…

Creating “mini movies” to promote your business and/or services entertains your audience and makes them feel more connected to your company. If you want to establish loyal clientele, give them something to watch and share.

Like this promo video I shot for my non-profit, the Hale Foundation. It made our website presence more impressive and gave our supporters something to share with their friends.

I also submitted it for a grant contest, and we’re currently finalists being considered for the $50,000.

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