On Marriage : European Vacation Part 2

On Marriage : European Vacation Part 2

The fireworks started at midnight. We were walking the NYE trail in Vienna drinking mulled wine out of mushroom mugs. It was cozy and I was feeling festive. I learned that mulled wine was not, however, very good. Just a few months before I had my first drink in years – a Guinness in Ireland. I was excited for that moment. I remembered it tasting very satisfying years before. I was surprised when it tasted like urine and rubbing alcohol. My god, is this what it tastes like? I went on to have one every night for the next five nights and by the end I was guzzling it down like Gatorade after a basketball game. I am amazed by how we can become used to anything. 

The trail was miles long and took us through the entire city. We made it to the City Hall building that looked more like a castle and joined thousands of people cheering as the explosions took place overhead and residents were shouting from their balconies where they gathered with their friends. I was looking around thinking what kind of life you have to live to have so many people around you that you care about.

Then we were in Prague, the magical elf town that is just the right size and has all the right colors. We stood in the main plaza eating strawberry crepes from the Christmas market while the choir sang under the gothic church built in the year 800. We turned to the thirty foot tall tree covered in lights and ornaments and looked up to the sky as snowflakes started to fall. Alexis let a few hit her forehead as she closed her eyes and smiled. I leaned into her and hugged her into my body as I felt the cold moving down my neck. I had always heard people talking fondly about snow in the Christmas markets in Europe. I understood why as a smile made its way across my face. 

Then we were off to the country for a change in pace. 

1.3.19 11:30pm

Today we drove to the Czech/German border with six people in a small van and hiked in what felt like a life-threateningly cold blizzard through the rock trails where they filmed Narnia. It was quite beautiful but I more enjoyed the drive getting there through the little gingerbread village above a salmon river where we stopped for a traditional Czech lunch. I ate beef goulash with a pint of local beer before tearing into someone’s birthday cake on my way to latte to wash it all down. I do not know a better way to live.

London was spectacular. Notting Hill was a neighborhood for your dreams. We had less than 24 hours so I took her through a power blitz of essentials – Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, before we finally settled into a pub off Portobello Street. 

We swung back through Detroit to pick up Woody from my parent’s house and to catch them up on the trip. 

Then we were home. Back in California where the warmth of the sun put life back in our skin. Our life was rich and we were lucky to have it.

1.30.19 9:35pm

I woke up this morning quite early to drive to a job. I was listening to my favorite blend of early morning pop – Taylor, Bruno, Ari, and the likes. The sun was just coming up and a smile grabbed my face before I realized it. The chemicals in my body spun into formation and coated me in a gentle river. I was happy. 

I don’t feel that very often. I have an amazing life. I know this objectively. Alexis is a dedicated partner. But I’m not happy. And my anxiety swirls at the thought of her being my person. 

2.1.19 9:52pm

Not only is it a new year but the first month is already over. We are already moving past things that don’t slow down. It is very difficult to stop and touch life. 

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