blog Urban Fitness Photoshoot with Amy Clover

Urban Fitness Photoshoot with Amy Clover

ABS! Finally a time has come where fitness professionals don’t have to look like generic robots in their fitness photoshoots. Thank to urban backdrops, California sun, and some cool editing, Amy Clover of Strong Inside Out looks like someone I’d sure as hell want to train with. She has a cool saying, “You’re stronger than …

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blog Detroit City Photography

Detroit City Photography

Spent the day in Detroit with my brother James taking pictures. I told him I wanted “urban” so he took me to Eastern Market and I’m pretty sure it is where the word urban was invented. Made me laugh at myself for referring to Southern California as an urban environment. Detroit has true warehouses and …

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blog Hong Kong Street Art

Hong Kong Street Art

Hong Kong street art photos taken November 16th, 2014.         

blog Modern Ballerina

Modern Ballerina

If there was nothing else to do – no emails to answer, no texts to write, no statuses to browse through, if there was nothing pulling us away from who we really are, and all we were left with was ourselves – then we could move freely and it would be beautiful. No matter how …

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Carousel Posts flamenco vs ballet

flamenco vs ballet

“Put your leg over your head and look sexy.” Taking photographs is easy when working with professional talent. Today I shot (and killed) 2 professional dancers. Lately, as some of you know, I’ve been experimenting a lot with dance in my personal life. I started taking Ballet I at a local community college and have …

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