blog Dancersaurus: Urban Dance Photography with Sarah Navarrete

Dancersaurus: Urban Dance Photography with Sarah Navarrete

Dancersaurus (Sarah Navarrete) – An Urban Dance Photography Shoot modeling by Sarah Navarrete | photos by Kirk Hensler | styling by Sarah Navarrete Last week Sarah and I got together to talk about a photo project. Sarah is a BRILLIANT dancer but also a resident trouble maker. I have a soft spot in my heart …

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PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY by KIRK HENSLER I took a black and white photography class in 9th grade with my mom’s old Pentax 35 mm film camera and stayed with it for the last 15 years. I opened a yoga studio in San Diego, CA 4 years ago and started taking photographs of my teachers. From there …

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blog Modern Ballerina

Modern Ballerina

If there was nothing else to do – no emails to answer, no texts to write, no statuses to browse through, if there was nothing pulling us away from who we really are, and all we were left with was ourselves – then we could move freely and it would be beautiful. No matter how …

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