photos Monster Face

Monster Face

For a number of years I owned a yoga and martial arts studio and I saw a lot of bodies. I’m the OCD neurotic type, I can’t even look at a baby if they have a runny nose I don’t care how cute. Which is why I spent a good portion of my yoga classes …

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blog The Real 1%

The Real 1%

We are complaining about the 1%, like they are somehow taking something from us. But the real 1% is what we are allowing for ourselves. The real 1% lies in the amount of the human experience we are actually participating in. We’ve been trained up since birth to operate within tight parameters. Go to church, …

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blog Fuckin’ Jerry J

Fuckin’ Jerry J

Well, hell has arrived. Or I’ve arrived there. Either way, doesn’t matter. Charleston, West Virginia. I’ve been watching a lot of Game of Thrones lately and I believe I have finally met my first Wildling. I’m sitting at a restaurant right now trying to recount the days festivities in my journal while ordering the right …

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