blog i know your ghosts

i know your ghosts

Originally posted on Rebelle Society 1/29/14.   I’m gonna try to get to bed early tonight. No wifi, no cell phone, just a room in the mountains of Malaysia. Helping with a camp for kids, for their education and for their confidence as future leaders. I like not having a phone. I don’t feel pressure …

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blog Stop Pretending

Stop Pretending

I’ve been in Malaysia for the past few weeks working with Seeds Training – the world’s #1 provider of youth training programs, and they have been blowing my mind. The work they do with kids isn’t the rah rah crap that gets sold by the millions across the globe, but an actual truth seeking, scientifically …

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blog Modern Ballerina

Modern Ballerina

If there was nothing else to do – no emails to answer, no texts to write, no statuses to browse through, if there was nothing pulling us away from who we really are, and all we were left with was ourselves – then we could move freely and it would be beautiful. No matter how …

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blog i’m ugly, hopefully you are too

i’m ugly, hopefully you are too

I’m a part-time, semi-successful blogger in the sense that sometimes I write blogs and sometimes a lot of people read them. I’m an incredibly successful writer in the sense that every time I write something down I learn something about myself. I don’t give a fuck why we are here on this planet. I mean …

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