Detroit City Photography

Spent the day in Detroit with my brother James taking pictures. I told him I wanted “urban” so he took me to Eastern Market and I’m pretty sure it is where the word urban was invented. Made me laugh at myself for referring to Southern California as an urban environment. Detroit has true warehouses and real graffiti (no offense San Diego you know I love you) and you never exactly know if you’re in a safe enough neighborhood to be walking around with a big fat Nikon in your hands.

James had his heyday in NYC as an underwear model (sup girls?) which means he is no slouch in front of the camera. His signature look is “I’m probably going to kill you soon,” and he delivers it with conviction every time.

This city is absolutely beautiful right now and I cannot wait to return with all my gear for a proper shoot.

Enjoy the pics below and let me know if you’re a hipster living in Detroit so I can photograph you next time I’m in town.

cc Detroit City Photography

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Hong Kong Street Art

Hong Kong street art photos taken November 16th, 2014.
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