Photographs of Avenue of the Giants


If you ever want to think that tree can actually listen and talk then this is the place to go. We were just waiting for a little elf to come around the corner from a tree stump and show us a world we’d always dreamed of. But it didn’t happen. No elves and no talking trees, only uncontrollable beauty that had us pulling over every 4 minutes and bouncing back and forth between screaming and crying.

Avenue of the Giants is a must-see drive for anyone that wants to remember they have a soul and it is big.

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Photographs of Big Sur + Northern California


I’ve made a point to come here every year since I’ve been living in California. Having Alexis with me was special because she had never been here before. When you drive this coast for the first time you’re like a kid again, so, by proxy, I was transformed into an 8 year old.

This trip was a cloudy and stormy one so the mood was heavy and deeply sensitive. The whole world is changing and being stomped out by tourists with selfie sticks but Big Sur remains a force that doesn’t bend it’s integrity to attract more people. If you don’t respect this place it will swallow you. But if you spend enough time it’ll make you greater.

DSC_0811-2DSC_0801 DSC_0815 Hearst-Cove


I’ve only made this trip one other time and I don’t remember any of it. We stopped at Trinidad State Beach and found a few secret spots to get out of the car and jump in an icy-blue river. On the count of 3 I said but apparently I was the only one involved in that conversation.

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