Why 30 Days of Writing?

Why 30 Days of Writing?

30 Days of Writing : Co-hosted by Creative Rehab + Kale & Cigarettes

There’s a good number of days, in fact most days, when I wake up scared to death at the thought of pulling down the covers and touching my feet to the cold floor. It means I have to start thinking for myself, I have to make decisions, I have to do actual people things. Whatever fantasy world I had been living in for the last 8 hours of the night is fading away, and the limitations of living in the “real world” begin to squeeze a fist around my heart.

I waste half the morning panicking about being alive again.

Then there are the days that I wake up, make tea, and open Microsoft Word. I start writing. I write articles, manuals, books, and letters to people I have never met. Suddenly, the world doesn’t suck anymore and I’ve carried the magic of the night into the day. Everything looks new and I can actually feel myself in my body, and the experiences happening around me. I can feel wind moving through the hair on my forearms.

This 30 Days of Writing Challenge that Andrea and I started came out of necessity. We were both drowning in day-to-day admin responsibilities and completely lacking freshness in our lungs. On our last breath, we decided we needed a kick in the ass.

After exchanging emails on why we needed to create this challenge between us, we realized that a lot of people were probably going through the same thing and could benefit from joining us on a 30 day Renaissance.

Starting tomorrow morning, there will be feverish writing. There will be hundreds, maybe thousands, of people waking up with the purpose of creating. They will dig around and stir up the madness, point it at the page, and write themselves alive.

Join us. It will be fierce.

For the full story, check out the blog here.

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