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Tried as an Adult: 500 Words a Day Fiction - Day 3 - kale & cigarettes
Tried as an Adult: 500 Words a Day Fiction – Day 3

Tried as an Adult: 500 Words a Day Fiction – Day 3

In 20 years I will be 36 years old. It’s not certain how they tried me as an adult, probably because I composed myself so well in court and have a reasonably advanced vocabulary for any human, let alone a teenager. I just think that if someone is a bad person that you should be able to make it right on your own. There was certainly a time when things happened quickly and justice was served in the moment. People were ok with it. Sure you got the occasional pack of bandits that used and abused for a while but eventually their time came too. Everyone’s time comes. And that’s the thing.

So this judge is going to put me in prison for 20 years and now I’m a convicted murderer and good luck to me ever trying to get a job when I do get out. I think about being jumped or raped in prison, that’s what I fear the most. I can fight alright but I bet the rules are different in there. Is it really going to be like OZ? I have this strategy to just keep to myself and work hard and speak the truth. If someone asks me a question I’ll just answer and not try to have a front. If someone takes advantage of me I’ll stand my ground and if a group of guys rounds me up in a corner then I will bite and dig out eyeballs and bang my own head against the wall until no one is left standing. I am not going to get raped.

Maybe that doesn’t even happen. I have seen the people in the movies that grow long beards and read a lot of books and somehow get more peaceful, and a little rounder.

But don’t you think that bad people deserve bad things? I’m walking home and he’s standing there, whaling on his dog. And his dog is down for the count already not able to defend itself but he doesn’t care. He’s yelling and flexing over this dog that is dead and he’s still blasting away. I’m scared ya know because I’ve never seen something like that before but I know the girl next to him, it’s a girl in my class, Alexa, and she is so cool. She’s crying, but not hysterically, more like defeated tears where the lips quiver more because inside everything is trembling. She must have seen things like this before. I don’t like to see her like this because she is a friend of mine and a good person, the other day she gave my friend a couple bucks because his mom didn’t make him a lunch that day. That kind of thing doesn’t happen a lot in my school because people don’t always think it’s cool to help someone out when they’re down.

So I didn’t think much, I just start walking over there. Neither of them see me. I’m coming up almost straight behind and I happen to walk by this corner where they’re planting a few trees and there’s a shovel there, I don’t know why there happened to be a shovel there that day or why it seemed like it was there for me, but I picked it up. I still wasn’t thinking, this was all like role playing with someone on the controller moving me around. By this time I’m pretty close and she sees me and her eyes get so big and before she can open her mouth I’ve planted the thing pretty hard across the back of his head. He drops and I should have left it right there and if I had left it there I wouldn’t be heading to prison to read and get raped, I’d be doing a little community service and getting back to school soon. But for whatever reason, I couldn’t stop. I went at his head like I was digging a hole for a post and it oddly didn’t take long for the thing to actually come off of his body. And that’s what they nailed me for. The judge said not a lot of people would take it that far and that my actions were unsafe and some other stuff like that. But the way I see it this guy just killed his dog in front of his daughter and so I killed him.

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