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the birth of an ad - kale & cigarettes
the birth of an ad

the birth of an ad

I used to look at ads on TV and in magazines and be so intrigued.

The color was different, the people were so good looking, and the scenes were way cooler than what I was seeing in my every day life.

I assumed that it was a world that I hadn’t discovered yet. I needed to wait until I was older or something.

Over time, I learned that there is no other world. We’re all staring at the same shit, the only difference is perspective. Which is why I’ve grown to love the art of marketing. Anyone can create a message that portrays a world they want to be a part of.

I wanted to create an ad for my studio, Hale Holistic that was going to draw a group of active and healthy young professionals into my location.

I had to start by finding some active and healthy young professionals. Keeping in mind that 75% of the people that practice yoga are female I chose a group of women. Also keeping in mind that wherever there are women around, men are not very far behind.

I found my girls (through my studio) and coordinated a time to shoot. I picked a location right in front of my studio so the backdrop would be inviting to people that lived downtown.

And then we started shooting.

Out of 100 photos, there were only 1 or 2 that were ad friendly.

Some were blurry:











Others made it seem like the taller girls were ready to beat up the girl in the middle:


Some had funny faces:


And 1 was just right:


I wrapped the shoot, thanked the girls, and transferred the photos from my camera to my computer.

I did some simple edits in Lightroom, added copy and logo in Illustrator, and exported the JPEG to my desktop:

Healthy is a lifestyle photo for postcard

And the back:

A Frame Sign Postcard Back 6.17.13

I sent the files to the printer and picked up 1000 new fliers the next day.

Total cost for the entire operation: $110.

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