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Texting Accents: 500 Words Per Day - Day 15
Texting Accents: Day 15

Texting Accents: Day 15


Day 15

I reckon this marks the half way period.

Texting new people gives me a lot of anxiety because it’s hard to articulate my wide range of accents.

Dem der nice boots.

If you don’t know a person well how are you supposed to hit send without fear that they will completely miss the humor, or think you don’t know how to spell?

I had a good friend tell me once that “Facebook is the ISIS of relationships,” and I would have to agree with her. Texting is also terrible, for all relationships. You can never get enough across, unless you’re really really in tune with someone. Nah whatay mean? And if you’re sarcastic, you’re basically fucked because texting has NO MERCY for you!

Another friend just told me she was going to bring back the phone call.

Isn’t that funny? We’re talking about bringing back the phone call. It’s conversations like that that make me feel old. I used to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow 2 miles every day before the sun came up.

I remember when we got our first cordless phone in the house. And eventually I talked my parents into getting me my own line so I could talk to all my girlfriends in my room, without having to fear that someone else would answer the incoming calls. 247 0501 was my old number growing up – the main line that is. 247 1559 was the hotline to get straight to my room.

Once, my girlfriend in 9th grade called into a radio station to give me a special sweethearts shout out. I talked to her on the phone for 3 hours while we waited for her call to hit the air. We didn’t last. She was Italian and wanted me to finger her way too early on and I couldn’t recover. Took me a long time to stop being scared of girls. Had to break up with a girl in the 6th grade because she wanted me to put my arm around her in the hallway. And in 7th grade I made out with this girl at a Valentine’s day party and I actually liked it quite a bit but then the pressure mounted so I broke up with he the next day. Or rather, the party was the night before and I broke up with her on V Day. I think, in hindsight, that’s not a very good thing to do. But to lead a person on could be worse.

I miss my little nephew. I tried to FaceTime him this morning but he was sleeping already. Got to talk to my sister and she is great.

It’s very difficult to maintain friendships when I’m gone for 4 + weeks. This trip will hit 6 weeks and after about 10 days my daily life becomes so reconditioned that things out of sight quickly lose their physical recall within my body.

It’s funny how we’re so emotional and seek such great spiritual answers but we’re barely more complex than chimps and if we take all the over thinking out of the equation all of this is really quite simple. Eat, sleep, socialize, work, procreate. Good life.

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