Work With Me

Work With Me

There are 2 ways that I can help you or your company…

1) Business Coaching and Development

Helping entrepreneurs and creatives organize their inspiring ideas into viable businesses that make them happy instead of stressed out and depressed due to lack of actually getting things done.

You’ll know if you fall into this category. You’re explosive with ideas to the point where you can’t sleep. You want to take over the entire world. You love creating things. BUT you get easily sidetracked and discouraged because you don’t have the best plan in place. You beat yourself up because you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. The good news is, you have talent. And I can work with talent. It’s what I do for a living. I’ll set up your personal operation in a way that lets you wake up and do work you enjoy.

That program is called “Organizing Inspiration” and can be purchased in a digital format for $197 (limited time offer).

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Check out course outline HERE.

Visit course page HERE.

If you prefer to work with me in person, I offer a 4 week business revamp that covers the content from the course in a much more thorough manner.

Contact to set up a phone call.

This includes an understanding of who you are and what your company needs to do to operate on a level that makes you feel accomplished. It also intricately identifies the steps needed to get there and organizing them into schedules that are easy to follow.

“I can honestly say, this program has helped me¬†with my entire life. Our business is on fire right now, I love my work again, and when I wake up in the morning I know exactly what needs to get done and when I’m going to do it. I look forward to our meetings with Kirk and think this work is invaluable.” – Amanda, Entrepreneur

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For more info on “Organizing Inspiration” click the link HERE.

2) Media Production

Creating copy, photos, and HD videos, that capture in-person content and make it marketable and shareable online. I’m talking about telling a compelling story that cuts to the engaging components of your business or your personal life.

I specialize in small to medium sized companies that want to share their content and story to larger audiences. I also specialize in weddings, fitness, dance, yoga, lifestyle, fashion, engagement, architecture, interiors, and headshots.

I can be placed on monthly retainers or work on individual projects. My rates are very reasonable and I turn work around faster than anyone in the business, guaranteed.

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I’ve written dozens of viral articles for this site, Rebelle Society, Yoganonymous, Elephant Journal, Recovering Yogi, and others.

Top 3 Articles:

1. Things To Do When You Wake Up and Before You Go To Bed so You Don’t Freak Out About Life Every Day

2. How To Beat The Whole Foods Salad Bar

3. How To Become a Professional Photographer On a Budget

And the poster that started it all:


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