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New York in the Fall: 500 Words a Day Fiction - Day 9 - kale & cigarettes
New York in the Fall: 500 Words a Day Fiction – Day 9

New York in the Fall: 500 Words a Day Fiction – Day 9

The way she was looking at me like she was surprised to be looking at me, and then I was just acting casual like I wasn’t even trying to be there at that exact time.

“When I was younger I always wished for the same thing,” I told her. “That all I ever wanted was for someone to know me so well that I cried.”

It certainly was a hell of an afternoon. You can’t touch New York in the fall. It makes all other life feel colorless. Of course there were a bunch of busy assholes everywhere doing whatever busy assholes do on a Thursday in Brooklyn, work I guess. But not my girl. She was coming out of spin class because she likes to keep that butt tight and I’d munch on it every meal with the amount of work she puts in, hell I’d put my nose in there and smell the thing right now just to get her a little deeper in my veins but she’d slap me.

“Anyway, you fell asleep last night and I lied there for a while watching my fingers move up and down your shoulder and all through your hair and it happened.”

“What happened?”

“I just started crying.”

At this point her lips are about to split her face in half and I wish I had a GoPro mounted secretly on my head because she took me somewhere real quick, with all her heart open and jumping into mine.

You can’t be sure what you notice in a time like this but since it was fall I couldn’t help but stare at the trees along the riverfront. If I had just been wearing a peacoat with the collar slightly up I couldn’t have asked for me.

“You’re all I’ve ever hoped for,” I continued.

Now at this point you’re probably thinking it’s rolling into a proposal. And you’re right, it is. But not without dissent from the author. See a couple this cool and in love would possibly be above the idea of marriage because it’s too conventional. But after reasonable debate the author decided that even above counter-cultural hipster romance is a plane of pure love that must be celebrated through marriage so that all the young emo kids can have something to look to as an example.

“I want us to be like a grilled cheese sandwich.”

“What does that mean?” She asked with quite the grin.

“Just that we’re fucking awesome and inseparable and even Paleo people can’t help but be envious of us.”

“I’m in on that.”

“I got this thing for you in my pocket. It was expensive but it’s way cooler than you think because no Kenyan children were killed in the process. Anyway, I’m afraid to kneel down because there’s a fuckton of people around and as soon as I drop down they’re all watching and it won’t be about us anymore, it’ll be about those shittards. I didn’t even hire a guy to be hiding in a tree with his camera right now.”

“Yes. I’ll marry you.”


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