Morning Talk Show

Morning Talk Show

The thumbnail is the worst. Pinky, ring, and middle go down without a fight. Five successive bites and a quick grind file. Index often leaves a hanger but thumb is just a thick bitch.

Thoughts of the Early Morning (When You Have to Work).

That is a radio show I would listen to.

“We’ve got our first caller this morning, it’s Kim from Pennsylvania. Hey Kim.”

“Hey guys. Thanks for having me.”

“You got it Kim, thanks for joining us. What were your first thoughts today?”

“Well, first I wanted to kill my husband because he has a cough.”

“You were off to a good start. What else?”

“Then I air punched my kids in my mind for eating so much food.”

It would go on like this for a while. And people would listen and call in and feel a sense of relief knowing they aren’t the only ones that hate the entire world during the wee hours.

This will never happen though. Instead, my FB friends that also live in California will post about the next level, elevating, live changing, deep and meaningful podcasts they are listening to. Fucking idiots.

What will they say about us in 50 years? Teetering pendulums. Last generation did this so we did that. Our parents did this so we did that. Back and forth since the GD beginning. I don’t care about the idea that we are socially inept because of technology. I think we are socially inept because there are so many people leading meaningless lives and conversations lack any form of stimulation. When have we ever walked away from an opportunity to spend time around someone interesting and real?

What I do hate, and I repeat HATE, is the subset of spiritual entrepreneurs that live off of a trust and speak of listening to the divine because it is conspiring in my favor. Whether it is or not, I’d like to hear it from Krishnamacharya or Thich Nhat Hahn, teachers that talk skillfully about the formations of the brain and not just the beauty of every second. Not every second is beautiful. If you think it is you are not wise or enlightened, you are delirious and untrustworthy. I like a good bout of soul work, and I like diving into different practices for a time for the sake of research and experience but to be a teacher of things unrealized through personal experience is the greatest sham and embarrassment of this generation. People are teaching before they learn, missing the value of individual experience.

This is Nacogdoches’ fault though. I’ve eaten the kind of food that makes you pray for a Denny’s around the corner. And I’m reminded that San Diego is a life-ruiner. A truly perfect city with perfect weather and perfect food and nothing there is ever difficult at all.

Underslept and poorly fed and I don’t even have a chance to control the things that have been coming out of my mouth today. I need a way to pull this all together like good writers do sometimes but there are all these dudes in my room watching the basketball game and I can’t seem to find the zone.

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