live. love. be happy. an inspirational poster

live. love. be happy. an inspirational poster

Originally posted on Recovering Yogi & Yoganonymous October 19th, 2011

I was in Portland, Oregon sitting on my laptop scrolling through the Facebook feed like I do for hours every day and I couldn’t get over how many inspirational posters were being shared by my friends. The first few were OK but then it got ridiculous. Being a person that would rather wake up and read a quote that said, “get your fucking head out of your ass,” than “anything is possible if you put your heart into it,” I thought I would make up an inspirational poster of my own.

What followed was a viral post that made many people laugh and probably a few people kill themselves.

Looking back, it is a little heavy on the VD, not really sure where all that was coming from. But otherwise it’s all facts.

Thanks again to Recovering Yogi for getting me started with publishing.

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    1. you know, we were all set up to get these printed and then we decided to go a different direction. i still have the original file. i can send it to you if you’d like and you can order a print from costco. whole thing will probably cost you $10. lemme know.

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