Hunchbacks and Toilet Sinks: Day 6

Hunchbacks and Toilet Sinks: Day 6

At least once a day I ask Alexis if she still loves me today. She protests the question every time. Then says yes, she does in fact still love me and that she will always love me. I believe this is true, but I will keep asking for confirmation.

At least once a day I ask her a ‘what if’ question.

“If I lost three fingers on my left hand would you still love me?”


“If I was the exact same person, like completely, except that I was a professional Motocross racer would you still want to marry me?”


“If everything else was the same but I was black would you still love me?”


“Wait… have you ever…..”



And my favorite…

“If everything else was the same but every night at 8pm I became a hunchback would you still be with me?”

“What do you mean a hunchback?”

“Like I walked like this.”

*Demo of hunchback walk (excessive).

“Every night at 8?”


“I don’t know babe. I guess we could just go home early?”

I’ve asked that last one to a handful of people over the last week to mixed results. So I turned it on the Asian teens today. I’ll be working with 650 kids over the course of this trip and their opinions are often very interesting.

*To a group of 8: 4 boys and 4 girls.

“Do you guys want to get married one day?”

They look to each other and giggle.

“I mean not today, but eventually. Do you want to be married?”

*Nodding heads yes.

“Ok so check this out…”

“Let’s say you were married to the love of your life… and you like to take walks together. But every night at 8pm your husband or wife turns into a hunchback.”

*Demoed hunchback before they could ask what it was.

“Would you still marry this person?”

“YES!” – all of them without hesitation.


“WHY NOT!!??!”

“Well for starters, they’re a hunchback and they will look funny and people will look at you.”

“Who cares what they think if I love this person.”

“But how will you get them around town?”

“We can carry them on our back.”

“Then you will become a hunchback too!”

“That’s great! Then we can both be hunchbacks together.”

I’ll hit them again tomorrow with something else but good job today kids.

On the other hand is the fact that I have a problem with wanting to pee in bathroom sinks. It started in high school when I was very drunk at a party and I saw my friend do it and it seemed so much more convenient than peeing all the way down to the toilet.

A lot of it comes down to the height of the sink itself and how comfortable I am in the environment. I used to pee in my old roommate’s sink at his apartment and never told him. I didn’t think much about it because I aimed perfectly down the hole and kept the water running to flush it down but sometimes when he would brush his teeth I would feel a bit bad and want to stop doing it.

I never pee in my own sink though. Except sometimes. But here in Malaysia, at Cherengin Hills in the mountains, I don’t even see toilets. I am all sink, all the time.

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