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Homeless No More: 500 Words Per Day - Day 26
Homeless No More: Day 26

Homeless No More: Day 26


Day 26

Back in KL and man does this say a lot about perspective. All of the sudden, this place is like the fashion mecca of the world. I haven’t seen a single man wearing a leather tank top and a beaver hat smoking a cigarette while pushing his daughter around in the stroller.

Whenever I start thinking scooter life is rough I just need to ride my bicycle instead for 7 straight days. Then the scooter will be a luxury again. So I’ve figured this life out and now I’ll just take a nap.

I’m coming home soon. Well “home” meaning San Diego, I don’t actually have an apartment. I am going to be watching a pretty gorg house for my friends when I get back and then I’ll finally bite the belt strap and get a place for the first time in over a year. This no home lifestyle has served me well for a while, and saved me a shit ton on rent, but the show is over folks, I can’t stand the thought of my receiver, speakers, and record player sitting in storage not impressing the hell out of my friends any longer. They need a home, I need a home.

So where will it be?

I’ve done a considerable amount of time in Golden Hill and East Village. I lived in Banker’s Hill once, and so did the love of my life, and I liked it there quite a bit but I’m thinking this might be the time to become a North Park/South Park cusper. The place needs to be located near a street that has direct access to downtown, none of this swurvy canyon bullshit that SD is famous for. My commute to the office can take me no longer than 8 minutes and function independently of local traffic conditions. It must not require me to get on a freeway and it would be preferable if the lights were timed to facilitate optimal cruising (i.e. B St downtown). It also has to have wood floors because carpet is the sweatpants of a household.

And some character. Can I get a few built ins?

I don’t have any pets, and I won’t anytime soon, but it would be nice if it was a pet friendly place, that way I know the landlord has a heart. And I hate dealing with rental companies. $35 for the credit check and the whole filling out the application process is irritating. My credit score is 596 and I can’t prove any income in the last 5 years, which means I’m an ideal tenant. But I will pay my rent, you can count on that. So let’s skip the small talk and hand over some keys, I’d like to start painting. Actually I wouldn’t. I painted a place once, the first place I had out here with my then gf. We went to town on paint and IKEA and all that shit. “Oh, wouldn’t this be great in the dining room?!” Broke the lease 2 months later and spent the entire security deposit on eggshell semi-gloss touch ups.

I’m going to do it right this time. Get the place, get a bed, hook up the speakers, and let the rest happen as needed. Meaning, I’ll get a dinner table when I decide to have a dinner party, which will be never, so I won’t get a dinner table. This is easy.

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