Chiang Mai Travel Photography

Chiang Mai Travel Photography

This article is about Chiang Mai travel photography

My last trip to Thailand (Krabi) was not even remotely enjoyable as I had to stare at fat, hairy men in leather speedos in every possible direction. Chiang Mai looked a lot more promising.

We stayed at the sala lanna hotel along the Eastern bank of the Ping River. It was billed as a 5 star and I’d say that was pretty accurate. These small style hotels in SE Asia are really good at giving you personal attention and taking care of just about every need possible. I don’t like to abuse it because I’m not a creepy guy on a business trip but it’s nice to know they care.

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We went to the Doi Suthep Buddhist temple and saw some young monks in training walking barefoot up the mountain road with what I’m guessing was all their personal belongings in a sling over their shoulder. Was unique for sure.

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There were tigers at Tiger Kingdom (not going to give them a link because they kinda suck). I’m glad I got to experience one up close and my insta blew up after posting a photo petting the tiga but this place was absolute shit and I’m embarrassed to have given them my money. They have these sticks and they poke the tigers around and make stupid jokes like they could attack us at any moment and ultimately they were just using the tigers to make money. But, TIGER SELFIE!

DSC_9542 DSC_9537-211053513_10152963630256470_4840035762053691154_o

Other unmentionables throughout the trip…

Then Patara Elephant Farm (link to Trip Advisor reviews where they have a legit 5 star average on over 2,400 reviews). Jesus this place was amazing. First of all, it was about 2 hours remote drive into pure nature. Up a narrow and steep road along the edge of mountain that made the bends in Big Sur seem like a residential road in Ohio. We pulled up and it was straight Jurassic Park, just acres and acres of valleys and mountains with giant ass elephants roaming freely.


IMG_8468 IMG_8440 IMG_8317 IMG_8022 IMG_7936  DSC_9562

We paid top dollar for Thailand to take care of our own elephant for the day – feeding, talking, walking, bathing, riding, and bonding. I had the biggest elephant, Boon, who was 32 years old and the father of 24 elephants. Baller. All the other people were either taking care of Boon’s ladies or his kids and we were just walking around talking about life with a 3 foot penis.

We hit the Sunday night market and Nimman Rd for food and local style, which were both cool experiences. And got some massages because for $7/hr it’s hard to say no. Despite everything I’ve heard, no one tried to tug my johnson. Which was good because I had a lot of anxiety over how to handle that situation should it have happened.

Overall, Chiang Mai was cool. Wouldn’t say it’s a holy sanctuary or super spiritual vibe. That’s Ubud, Bali hands down not even a close comparison. But Chiang Mai was charming and the day with elephants made the entire trip. Also, I was able to get some pretty cool travel photographs.

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