branding snapshot

branding snapshot

A brand is the story you tell to your audience. It can be whatever you want. You can be the ivy league financial expert or you can be the health foods chick or you can be a drunk, perverted bastard. You can be anything, as long as you’re mildly organized and reasonably consistent.

You’re literally telling your audience what to think of you.


Decide what mark you want to leave on the world.

hale studio fisheye-01

Decide what type of customer you want to attract.

1227 Promo Posters Web Size SC-01

And start attracting them.

Saturday Mornings at Hale-01

Worlds Most Interesting Yogi-01

For me, it’s important that I don’t have pretentious yoga people in my studio, so I put out marketing material like the poster above.┬áIf you’re uptight you probably won’t find much enjoyment in this, and I probably won’t find much enjoyment in you.

But if you’re like me, and try not to take yourself too seriously, then you’re probably amused and I look forward to our relationship together.

Rachel Hapi Drum-01

Kirk Beach Titibasana-01

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1227 Promo Posters Web Size KH-01


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