500 Words Per Day: Day 6

500 Words Per Day: Day 6


Day 6

Sitting in the open air lounge at Cherengin Hills in Janda Baik getting eaten alive by misquotes. And not little bitch Michigan misquotes, these are the indigenous mountain variety that eat steaks in between sucking my blood.

Fine, I brought my lavender essential oil, I’m not worried about a few bites. But when a kid went down hard today with Dengue Fever I started to get a little paranoid.

“What does Dengue feel like? My head does hurt.”

A lizard just peed on Justin and Greg so the elements are certainly closing in on us. Still, this is the only table with wifi and I can always shower.

I broke today. Day 4 of mountain life. 10pm, just filmed a really emotional set of interviews with the kids, and son of a bitch comes in with bags and bags full of chicken nuggets from McDonald’s down the hill. Normally I wouldn’t flinch at this but after 4 days of eating steer kneecaps I had a weak moment.

I shouldn’t have done the French cheese sauce though. I had a choice on that one.

We send the kids off tomorrow, and I’ll admit, some of them are growing on me. After a few days of personal development they start to love each other. It shows up in hugs and selfies but my favorite is the dancing. They hear a song they like, and yeah it’s usually T Swift, and they pour their hearts into it without thinking much. I get the chills every time. Did I miss those years when I was younger? I feel like I might have.

I’m dragging here because it’s already midnight and I still have to run myself through bedside bootcamp and meditate. I put together a 2 day streak of exercise to combat the Malaysian fat suit I’ve been not so slowly climbing into. I just want to eat a vegetable. That’s all I ask. And maybe take a dump that doesn’t cause me a hernia.

It’s breezy up on the hill tonight and temple chants are playing on the speakers overhead. It plays early in the morning and late at night. I like it. I also feel guilty that I’m not more religious.

As a scientific experiment I would like to note that writing out here in this public location is a huge distraction and I can’t focus for shit. But also the distraction adds chaos to my train of thought and could introduce an element of mystery to the writing.

Apparently they cured Alzheimers at Stanford the other day. I’m scared that we are going to live to be 150 years old.

I’m not sure I can tie this one back to a takeaway. I think the message was lost before I started. I think I should have gotten off my bloated ass and gone into my room to stick to routine. Now that I’ve introduced a new variable I don’t know who to trust anymore. This was a waste, I learned very little, if anything at all and I’m filled with nuggets that are going to give me nightmares tonight because that’s what happens to people who eat McDonald’s.

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